Company Intro





1.BRIEF:   Our company lies in Pearl River Delta, Zhongshan City, Guangdong, China. Our factory is special in design and manufacture evaporator and condenser forming machine, Solar collector pipe production equipment,Solar collecting plate pipe production equipment,Solar heat exchanger pipe production equipment,pipe processing machine, motor producing machine, special machine for electronic machine. We can supply all the equipments according to the customer’s requirement. We also have engineering and technical talents in the field of CNC control, engineering, PLC, servo, air power, hydraulic, sensor and CAD technology. We have ISO 9001 quality certificate and several patents. Our products also achieved many rewards.


  Evaporator & Condenser forming machine (special for air conditioner):

     Condenser bending machine, Evaporator bending machine,

     Evaporator cutting&forming machine, Hairpin bending 

     machine, Short “U” bending machine, Automatic ring 

     machine, Welding machine, Pipe expanding machine and so on.

 Tube processing machine:

CNC bending machine, copper tube chipless bending machine, pipe

end processing machine, “T” hole processing machine, CNC

spinning & pressing machine

  Special machine for motor produce:

Stator blur-removing machine, welding machine, pressing machine,

and so on.

Special machine for electronic factory:

full automatic welding producing line, package machine for electronic components.

 Other industrial equipment、Automobile steering system

 Automobile toolings

3. Main customer

Gree, Midea, Changhong, Haier, Hisense, Sanhua,  Electra, Rowa, Weiling, Xinchang, Yuetu, Guangzhou Honda, Samsung, Panasonic, Hualiang, Brazil, Israel, Viet Nam, Thailand, Pakistan.   

4. Technical equipment:

  4.1 Processing Machine:

4.1.1 Processing Machines of our company:   

 Lathe 4,grinder machine 2, common milling machine 3, NC milling machine 1, Drilling machine 4, tooling grinder machine 1, welding machine 6, slotting machine 1, cutting machine 1, sawing machine 2.

4.1.2 Complement in our industrial zone:

A. forging factory B. Special hydraulic system (machinery) factory C. special factory for machining, grinder, milling, drilling cutting and so on. D. Special machine for NC machine and NC grinder machine

In our industry zone, complement equipment is complete and comprehensive machine capability is strong.

4.2 experiment & testing machine

triple coordinate testing machine 1 set, single coordinate tester: 1 set, test projector 1 set, testing platform: 1 set, assembly platform: 1 set, program appliance: 1, roughness apparatus: 1, hardness apparatus: 1, vibration-removal press machine: 1, oscilloscope:1, transistor meter.

4.3 office equipment Computer: 26, lap computer, 10, printer:5, copy machine:2, Digital Camera: 2, Camera:1, graph plotter 1, others 15.

  4.4 transport equipment

  Freight carrier: 1, car 3, fork truck 1, crane: 3.

5 technical staff

Machinery engineer: 11. (senior engineer 2)

Electrical engineer: 5 (senior engineer 1)

6 Production capability : production value RMB30,000,000 per year