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Company Intro

Our company lies in Pearl River Delta, Zhongshan City, Guangdong, China. Our factory is special in design and manufacture evaporator and condenser forming machine, Solar energy industry,pipe processing machine, motor producing machine, special machine for electronic machine. We can supply all the equipments according to the customer’s requirement. We also have engineering and technical talents in the field of CNC control, engineering, PLC, servo, air power, hydraulic, sensor and CAD technology. We have ISO 9001 quality certificate and several patents. Our products also achieved many rewards.

Contact Us

Tel: +86-13923330395

Fax: +86-760-88819519

Contact: Jacky Jin

E-mail: jacky@clg.com.cn

Add: GuangFeng Industrial Zone , ShaLang Town , ZhongShan, GD,China